Sun and Moon

Women and men operate in different ways. To shed some insight, one can contemplate the following.

A women is generally more moved by her heart (Lev, לב) and emotions. This hints to the word Levanah, moon (לבנה).

A man is more prone to operate on logic, his brain (מח). This hints to the word Chammah, sun (חמה).

The numerical value of Chochmah and Binah is 140. This is the same as Chammah and Levanah (140)! Chochmah is straight knowledge (brain). This is the man’s domain. Binah is intuition (heart). This is the woman’s domain.

The moon reflects the sun and the two complement each other. So too we bless the Chosson and Kallah that they should work together by appreciating each other’s strengths and may they have a bright marriage together!