Learn about yourself via your pen. Receive a full rundown about you and your personality. Face your areas of greatest talent and points of contention and challenge. An in-depth analysis that covers all the areas of the Standard Personality Profile in great detail based on the science of graphology and 15 years of clinical experience. It examines areas of self-image, interpersonal relationships, attitude, goals and ambitions. It looks at your success drive and those special aspects of your personality that help you to achieve. 

Reports also examine your thinking pattern, habit, talents, communication skills and much more. Check out the package that works best for your needs and you will cherish the report for its value and self-understanding. You will be most impressed by the insight provided!

Life Coaching


As an experienced and professionally trained life coach, I work with individuals and corporations to help them define goals, find motivation, and maintain accountability as they work to reach their goals. I would love to discuss the process with you so that you too can benefit. 

Professionalism, courtesy, confidentiality, and open and honest communication are some of the many things that I value. All sessions are held over the phone or Skype so you can be in a place that is comfortable for you. Ask about my Baltimore office and rates. After you submit your request for a free consultation or payment for a session, I will contact you to work out a time that works best for you. The benefits of life coaching include clarity, direction and accountability. A powerful winning combination!

Shidduch (Dating) Coach

Expert dating coach

The "parsha" of shidduchim can be daunting and challenging to navigate. As an experienced therapist, dating coach and advisor I will help you sort through the process and most importantly gain the clarity and confidence you need to guide yourself or your child along the way. Click here for more info.

I offer dating coaching for singles wishing to have a sounding board with a brutally honest method for defining feelings, thoughts, issues and personal confusion to lead to clarity and decisiveness. My goal is to help you get in touch with yourself and learn how to make autonomous and responsible choices regarding this most important topic. I offer a free consultation to any client interested in learning more. Our work together is always fully confidential. 

Yahrzeit Learning

yahretziet learning

There's no greater way to honor a loved one than through encouraging the study of our Holy Torah in his or her merit. Whether you are looking to study with someone or have a team of scholars complete the study of Mishna, Talmud or any other Jewish text, we will help. My team consists of scholars in Baltimore, New York and Israel all experts in many areas of Jewish studies.

Please contact me with any specific questions and I will be sure to handle your request with compassion and sensitivity. Once we take on a project we will keep you posted throughout the process ensuring that we finish by or even before the agreed upon time. Advance notice will ensure for completed services. 


Expert tutoring

I provide services in all areas of Jewish study for all levels of knowledge. From beginner to advanced I will help you or your child reach your Torah study goals.

I have worked with hundred of students and taught beginner, intermediate and advanced classes in Torah, Rashi, Tanach, Misha, Gemara, Hashkafah, moadim, Shabbos and Halacha and look forward to helping you. Torah study is a rewarding and enjoyable venture in which your efforts yield the fruit of understanding and satisfaction. 

Please contact me about pricing and scheduling and ask about my in-person versus Skype learning options. I look forward to working with you. 



Hypnosis taps into your subconscious mind and helps you rewrite your scripting to achieve success in your goals. Hypnosis is a powerful and effective method for scripting a new perspective of success. Hypnotherapy is a natural and powerful tool used for relaxation, overcoming fears and anxiety, sports and relationship enhancement and cutting bad habits and negative scripting.

Hypnosis taps into the subconscious and deepest part of your mind and works to rewrite negative scripting while empowering you to focus and be in touch with your most important goals. Experience the power and clarity that hypnotherapy can bring to your life. All sessions held via Skype in the comfort of your own home. (High speed internet required.)