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Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur


Prayers Accepted


One of the goals of the yomim noraim is to have our prayers accepted by Hashem. Yalkut Reuveni brings down from the Sefer Tzioni, who quotes Rokeach that the voice of tefillah from the tzaddikim produces the ladders by which the angels bring the tefillos up to Hashem. When one concentrates, his tefillos can ascent those ladders unobstructed. This is why sulam, ladder, is the same numerical value as kol, voice. Man creates the ladder which is planted on earth, and whose head reaches the heavens (based on Bereishis 28:12).


Migaleh Amukos adds another point here: In the verse “v’heinei Hashem nitzav alav, behold Hashem was standing above him (Yaakov)” the rashei teivos spells: anav (עניו), a humble one. It hints to Moshe who was exceedingly humble. This teaches us that one who has humility will merit the ladder to heaven. Anav has the same numerical value as sulam. He also adds that the sulam was something that Yaakov merited because of his ‘kol kol Yaakov’, the holy actions that he used his voice for.


When we turn to Hashem and utilize that ladder, this helps bring our prayers upward. The tzaddik’s actions build ladders to heavens. Thus, the more we increase our good deeds, the higher this will allow our prayers to ascend.


The Tikuney Zohar (21) teaches: Israel is the wick; Torah is the oil; Hashem is the fire. If we look deeper into this we will learn that the Torah is what fuels our ability to connect with Hashem. As a nation we are poised and ready to connect, and it is through the observance of Torah and mitzvos, the fuel, that Hashem brings down His light upon us.



May we merit to be a worthy wick this Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur and may our increase in positive actions and Torah study create bridges to heaven, showing Hashem that we deeply long to connect, allowing Him to shower only goodness and sweetness upon us.

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