Bereishis: Torah Themes

Introduction to Torah Themes 5777/ 2016-7


To my dear readers, I invite you on this journey of the parsha and of learning about Torah concepts and themes. This is my 6th year of writing on the parsha and it is an honor to have you join in the conversation. In the past I have done freestyle and I have done focused on one commentator sytle. Many people enjoyed my Rabbeinu Bechaya series in the past and for this year’s project I will focus in on Sefer Yalkut Reuveni, which as you will see, give me much content and wiggle room.


Yalkut Reuveni


One of the most fascinating and inspiring seferim that I have ever studied is called Yalkut Reuveni. It is almost 1000 pages long and covers all of Chamesha Chumshei Torah. It was authored by Rabbi Reuven HaKohen Sofer (d. 1673), son of Reb Heshky (Yehoshua) Katz. Rabbi Reuven was the grandson of the illustrious Kli Yakar, Rabbi Shlomo Efraim Lunshitz (1550 – 1619). He himself was a noted kabbalist in Prague.




The Sefer covers every single parsha in the Torah and quotes from obscure

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