This Thing

The Torah used the word “Zos, this” for many aspects revolving around marriage.

-When Adam met Chava, he said, “LZos Yikarey Isha”, This I will call, ‘woman’.

-This ties in to the words “V’Zos HaTorah” because she helps you learn and practice Torah.

-Also, Zos contains the letters Alef and Tuf. This shows that she brings you completion, just like the alphabet from Alef to Tuf!

-”B’Zos Yavoh Aharon El Hakodesh”, she brings Kedusha to your life.

-”Al Zos Yispalel Kol Chassid”. Berachos (8a) says that one should daven hard that Hashem should grant him a good wife!

-Zos is the end of my speech. May you achieve Kol Zos!