What to Expect


Sessions typically cover exercises to bring you confidence and clarity and include:

  • Defining the Real You
  • What You Need vs. Want
  • How to Find That Person
  • Helping Your Child in Shidduchim
  • Writing Your Shidduch Profile
  • Dating Style
  • Hard Conversations
  • Emotional Connection
  • Moving to Clarity
  • Support and Feedback
  • Engagement and Beyond
  • Marriage Preparation
  • and much more…





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What's a Shidduch Coach?


The "parsha" of shidduchim can be most challenging to navigate. As an experienced rabbi, therapist, dating coach and advisor I will help you sort through the process and most importantly gain the clarity and confidence you need to guide yourself or your child along the way. I believe that the most healthy foundation for your marriage is built upon your self-awareness and conscience choice of your life partner.

I offer dating coaching for singles wishing to have a sounding board with a respectful yet brutally honest method for defining feelings, thoughts, issues and personal confusion to lead to clarity, solutions and decisiveness. My goal is to help you get in touch with yourself and learn how to make autonomous and responsible choices regarding this most important dating process. I offer a free consultation to any client interested in learning more. Our work together is always fully confidential.

Whether you are starting the process yourself or if you are a parent or whether you are an older single struggling through the dating process, my proven techniques, discussions and exercises will help you reach clarity. I will help you define priorities, your dating framework and the myriad of other details which need to be organized and illuminated. Please contact me for a free consultation to discuss how I can help you.

Allow me to earn your respect and trust. I look forward to helping you reach your goal of a happy and healthy marriage.

Simply choose your package thru the link below (1, 4 or 6 sessions) and we are ready to begin this journey!








Rabbi Tropper’s common sense and passion really helped me navigate a most tricky time in my life. I cannot thank you enough for all that you did for me." -R., Baltimore, MD


After dating unsuccessfully for many years I knew that I needed more support, Rabbi Tropper was able to provide me with the framework, encouragement and skills that I really needed to move forward. I still remember our first conversation in which you earned my trust and respect by being open and honest about the process and explaining to me how you would support and help me and what you expected of me as an active and more important participant in the dating process.” -Anonymous, Brooklyn, NY


As a parent I wanted to strike the balance of being supportive of my child in shidduchim and letting her make her own decisions as well. Speaking with you really helped me develop a deep self-awareness and helped clarify the matter in a way that worked for both my daughter and I. The best part is that I truly feel that your help and support kept me strong and helped us make it down the chupah in a most beautiful and meaningful way.” -Anonymous


Powerful, useful, practical and eye-opening. Those are words that best describe our work together. You helped me find myself in a most deep way, and you helped me open my heart and mind to the prospect of marriage. You believed in me and your advice was respectful, empowering and helped me reach clarity in an otherwise most confusing parsha in my life. My wife and I are forever grateful for all that you did for us. -Anonymous

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