Emes – Truth

The word Emes (אמת Alef-Mem,Tuf) is Rashey Tayvos: א’שה מ’מון ת’ורה Eisha, Mamon, Torah (wife, money, Torah study). This is to hint that one’s true self comes out regarding these three things.

Indeed, Yaakov Aveinu who is the epitome of Emes (Titain Emes L’Yaakov) excelled specifically in these three departments. He studied Torah diligently, his entire life. He acted with utmost honesty in his monetary dealings with the crook Lavan. And he built Klal Yisrael through his beautiful Torah marriage. (See Sefer Egeres HaTiyul [Remez, Emes])

Indeed, the Gemara Eruvin (65b) tells us that: “a man is defined based on three things: His cup, wallet and anger”. This hints to these three things. His wallet is money. Anger is how he controls himself to be a patient husband. Wine refers to what excites him, which should be Torah!

May the Chosson and Kallah achieve true happiness!